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How a tailored shirt is made?

祥鼎娱乐A tailored shirt is not only about measurements: it’s also about the tens of thousands of possible variations that can excite the imagination of those who will wear it. From the fabric to the colour; from the style of the collar to the type of cuff; from the cut to the finishing touches: the pocket, the buttons, the buttonholes, the armholes, the bar tack stitching, the initials, and the pocket. Every step of the shirt making process is checked and re-checked, because every shirt made by Emanuele Maffeis must leave our workshop without a single blemish or flaw.


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Emanuele Maffeis, from 1958

The Company founded in Bergamo in 1958 by Emanuele Maffeis, who enjoyed the legacy of generations of knowledge, and resulted in the creation of a shirt of the highest quality within the tradition of the Italian textile industry. The success in responding to the market’s ever increasing awareness and quality demands is based on a series of elements and experience gained which has always allowed the Company to create unique garments. The continuous research both at home and overseas for special fabrics, the development of perfectly fitting patterns, the near obsessive attention to detail together with the ever present hand-finishing are the hallmarks of an Emanuele Maffeis shirt. The combination of handcrafted detail with the search for innovation, have resulted in unparalleled comfort and perfect fit.

Strict quality control at all stages of the manufacturing process together with the final check where every shirt is examined individually and commitment to provide unrivalled customer service distinguish Emanuele Maffeis from all other companies.


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